Konttila is originally a tenants farm functioning today as a heritage farm with free entrance only three km. from the city of Kuopio. The farm is a genuine example of a typical finnish family-farm and farming area forming a heritage landscape usual for Finland in late 16Th century. The main building at the farm is one of the oldest buildings in the city of Kuopio, if not even the oldest, being build  in 1770. Today the farm main building functions as a outdoor cafe and a nature and guiding center for hikers and skiers moving in Puijo forest. The farm is located right next to a big nature protection area in the middle of a city forrest called Puijo, which is a 500 hectars big original type forest area kept and preserved mainly for recreational purposes. The farm is only one kilometer north from the main attraction for the tourists in Kuopio, the Puijo sight seeing tower. Konttila can  be reached by foot or by car by following the street signs and information posts around the Puijo forest which is located north and only a couple of km away from the city center. Konttila is open every day around the year from 11 am to 18 pm. We keep few farm animals for example a finnish breed horse to give people horserides with, few sheep as well as a couple of goats, some chicken and honeybees. You can buy refreshments from our cafe and visit our information- and nature exhibition room next to the main building. We alo organize guided tours and walks for tourist and other groups in Puijo forest and at Konttila farm area and we tell you during the tours about the special nature and history of Puijo area as well as of the city it self and Finland in general. We are able to serve you in several languages so please feel free to give us a call in English, German as well In Swedish. You can also e-mail us in any language imaginable and we will for certain get back to you. We welcome you and wish you a pleacent stay in our untouched nature in the midle of Puijo forest, in the midle of Kuopio in the midle of Finland.

Keijo Heikkinen              tel. +358505954434        www.konttila.fi        www.postit@konttila.fi